snowden botanical cbd products

Snowden Botanicals presents CBD cartridges, batteries and tinctures.

Our proprietary vape formulation is pure CO2 extracted CBD, natural hemp plant terpenes, and the subtle notes of spearmint for a satisfying taste and aromatherapy, without the psychoactive symptoms of THC.

As women, we are  the creators and the healers of our society.  Whether we are giving birth to children or to our dreams, we must remain open to revision; always seeking to improve ourselves and our world for future generations.

With such an immense responsibility, it is even more critical that we hold space for ourselves and other women. This is how Alt-her (pronounced alter or alt her) was born.  From the understanding that each of us is our own altar, so treat yourself with care! Give yourself offerings of love and healing, while you alter yourself, and this world, for the better!